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Meteor 101 - Simple scalable example - Part1

Meteor is fast growing java script framework that provides : 1- Rapid development, by writing less code 2- One Language everywhere (JS) 3- Reactive rendering html templates for single page apps 4- Single code for web & mobile 5- it has built in package management 6- Live clients, always connected [server push to clients instantly, through publish/subscriber] and here is my first from scratch app using meteor. I'll keep this short and cut to chase and I'll go in details when required Source code here : you should first do: 1- install meteor 2- make directory for the project A. Project skeleton: navigate to the project directory and run > meteor create meteor101 you will get 3 files and folder called .meteor delete the 3 files and create the following dirs: Meteor Tip: Meteor is a convention over configuration framework, for example specific names for folders in the project structure indicate somethi