Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spring security OAuth2 + spring boot, Part 2

In this 2nd part I made a more complex example to be more practical in real life, and created a web app that is gets its users from db and stores the clients, and tokens in db instead of memory so it's more scalable.


1- users & roles in database
2- oauth related info stored in db (tokens, clients, approvals, etc..)
3- two APIs : a- cats apis, b- dogs api; each one of these can be accessed only if the access token has a proper scope (cats scope and dogs scope)

the app uses h2 in memory database so that it be self contained and no external setup is required

and here is the source code :

show case:

1- get access token to with scope cats:

a- get the auth code :

go to : localhost:8080/oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=cats-client&redirect_uri=http://localhostcats/redirect

2- login with a user
3- approve the scopes :

4- get the authorization code

5- exchange the code for a token

6- access cats api:

7- try the dogs api

try to get a valid token to access the dogs api by yourself should be similar to the cats process..

get familiar with the source code, it's only a step up and we only used the classes from the oauth2lw-core we added the jdbc datasource and the token store and passed these to our configures.

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