Saturday, October 6, 2018

Gensim NLP and TF-IDF document search example

In this blog I'll try to use an NLP (Natural language processing) library to get to:
- know some basic concepts and
- try to search a data set of books metadata (author, title, summary) to respond to user query

 you need:
- Anaconda (python environment management tool), get it here
Anaconda works by creating an isolated installation of python with the packages needed and it won't affect other environments so you can run different versions of python and other python libraries without conflicts
- code:

- setup the environment (in shell window or in anaconda prompt) run:
conda create gensim_env python=3.5 gensim nltk jupyter
this will install the packages needed
- navigate to the code directory, run:
jupyter notebook

this will open the server web page and you can select the notebook that we need now : gensimWord2Vec


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